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Video Kiosk Android - Digital Signage - RSS Feed Widget

Video Kiosk – Android supports digital signage in both full screen and a split screen layout where three areas can host standard Android App Widgets, including the Video Kiosk RSS Widget. The RSS Widget displays the content of an RSS feed(s) in Video Kiosk’s portrait view Area B, and/or  Video Kiosk’s landscape view Area C. It supports a customizeable layout and comes with a free trial. Video Kiosk RSS Widget runs on Android 4 or later and is compatible with any Android Device.

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  • Displays RSS Feed in vertical | portrait view to fit sidebar or bottombar
  • Display single feed or cycle through multiple feeds
  • Displays title, text and image – if there is one
  • Configurable display
    • Choose from vertical or portrait view
    • Customize background
    • Customizeable Text Size and Color
  • Free trial. While it is fully functional, the RSS Widget includes an advertising feed. Once you purchase and activate a license, the advertising feed will be removed.

Technical Specifications

System Requirements: Android 4 or later

Compatibility: any Android Device


Video Kiosk RSS Widget Screenshot
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Video Kiosk Android RSS Widget displays an RSS News Feed in either portrait view, in Area B or landscape view, in Area C of Video Kiosk’s Digital Signage screen.
Video Kiosk Android - Digital Signage Screen Areas B, C



  1. When you decide to purchase the Video Kiosk RSS Widget, contact us to purchase and have Video Kiosk RSS Widget licenses activated.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, download Video Kiosk RSS Widget from Google Play store.
  3. Configure Video Kiosk with the Video Kiosk RSS Widget in Area B or Area C, or both. For Area B, select Video Kiosk RSS Widget Tall. For Area C, select Video Kiosk RSS Widget Wide. If required, adjust the padding around the widget(s). (For further information, refer to the Video Kiosk User Manual. )
  4. Configure the Video Kiosk RSS Widget.

Configuring the RSS Widget

  1. Open Video Kiosk RSS Widget.
  2. Click the “License” tab.
    • Select the “Activate License” button to activate your license
  3. Click the “Settings” tab.
    • Next URL mins: Choose the number of minutes to display each feed. The default is 5 minutes.
    • Max items: Choose the number of items to display from the feed. The default is 5 minutes.
    • Next item secs: Choose the number of seconds to display the feed item. The default is 30 seconds.
    • Font size: Choose the Font Size for the heading | text in “sp”. The default is 30 sp.
    • Font color: Choose the Color for the text in “ARGB”. The default is #FF000000 (Opaque Black)
    • Background: Choose a background – either a solid color or an image. The default is solid white background.
      To use a solid color, enter it’s “ARGB” value.
      To use an image, choose up to two from the device. If you choose two images, it will rotate between the two every hour.
  4. Click the “Feeds” tab.
    • Key in the URL of the news feed(s) you want to display. Include the “http://”
  5. Click the “Done” button.

Note: You can’t re-configure an existing widget. If you need to re-configure a widget, delete it and re-add it. Your previous settings will be remembered. Your license count will not be impacted.


Additional Help

Additional Enterprise Solutions

  • If you prefer to maintain the RSS Widget source code yourself, a non-exclusive, not for resale, source code license is available.
  • If you are interested in a customized widget layout, please contact us directly by using the Contact Us page on this site.

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