Video Kiosk Android URL Widget

Put content on a page, display the results. It could be a widget, it could be feed results. Whatever you can dream up!

Video Kiosk – Android supports digital signage in both full screen and a split screen layout where three areas can host Android App Widgets.

Some Customers want to display the content at a URL, so we developed the Video Kiosk URL Widget.

It’s versatible because it displays the URL results in any widget area B, C or D. It can display local URL results or web URL results, allowing you another way to display feeds and providing you with the opportunity to use your imagination and dream up new content to display.

Video Kiosk Android - Digital Signage Screen Areas B, C, D

Video Kiosk Android URL Widget lets you display content from a URL in any widget area.

Instructions: How to Configure the Image Widget

To set up the Video Kiosk URL Widget, follow these easy steps:

  1. Configure the Widget Settings

    When you select a widget in any of the widget areas, the settings will be displayed.
    If you’re using an XML setting file to configure the widget
    XML Settings – path to a file containing XML settings for the widget (Required only if you’re using an XML setting file to configure the widget)

    If you’re configuring the widget manually
    – the local file:// or remote http:// URL to display

  2. Press “OK”

Notes: Make sure you test along the way to ensure the content fits the space. 

Also, if you’re URL are dependent on the Internet, they may behave in an unexpected manner if Internet connection is lost. You can configure Video Kiosk to monitor the Internet and return to full screen mode when Internet connection is lost. To enable this feature, go to Video Kiosk Settings > Widgets > Monitor Internet, and tick the box.

Additional Enterprise Solutions:

  • If you prefer to maintain the URL Widget source code yourself, a non-exclusive, not for resale, source code license is available. Just Contact Us.
  • If you are interested in a customized widget, please Contact Us.

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