Tutorial: How to Display Images on Video Kiosk

Video Kiosk will display images in a loop.

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To display images:

  1. Put images on Android Device

    Move your image files to the Video Kiosk media folder on your Android device.
    (If you don’t have any images yet, download the Video Kiosk Image Sample Kit and display the images in it.)

  2. Launch Video Kiosk

Video Kiosk will now play the contents of the Media Folder in a loop, in Full Screen Mode.


  • Supported file formats – Video Kiosk supports the following image file formats:
    .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .webp
  • Display time – Image displays for 30 seconds (configurable).
  • Error handling – Video Kiosk skips unplayable content

Options for Customizing the Display

You have plenty of options for customizing the display


  • Change Image Display time. (By Default, displays each Image for 30 seconds.)
  • Add Fade time between images
  • Controlling Playback Order – Display the images in a different order
  • Playback Scheduling – Schedule playback for different times of the day

Image Size and Orientation

Adding Overlays and Backgrounds

Use Split-screen display mode

For instructions, see Video Kiosk User’s Manual.


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