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Turn your Android device into an easy to use, reliable, robust, secure Android kiosk to loop video, images, and web pages in minutes. Easy to use, you’ll have your Android TV | tablet | phone playing videos, images, and web pages and running unattended, reliably and robustly with minimal set up. It comes with optional advanced features, such as secure Kiosk Mode for access management of interactive displays, remote management and update, advanced content loop control and scheduling, overlays, backgrounds and flexible screen displays – full screen for video loop player or digital signage, split screen for digital signage with widgets.

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  • Easy to play everything. Plays video | images | web pages in a loop
  • Easy to use as an Interactive Kiosk. Click through to URL (local file or content on the internet) or an App on the device
  • Easy to use. With a simple 2-step Installation, you’ll have your video kiosk up and running in minutes, playing your content in a loop, unattended. The only thing you need to do is turn the screen on – Video Kiosk takes care of the rest.


  • Flexible display modes
    • Use Full screen display for video loop player.
    • Use for Digital Signage with full screen display or split screen for Digital Signage with widgets.
    • Use with touchscreen overlays to create an Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk on a tablet. Activate hotspots using touchscreen or key. Click through to URL (local file or content on the internet) or an App on the device.
  • Flexible Content Loop Control.
    • the Default Playback Behavior. If you have not configured a Playback Order, Video Kiosk will play the contents of the Media Folder in alphabetical order
    • Control Content Loop Playback Order. Control the content loop playback order using a playlist, a pickone folder or the file and path order
    • Use a Playback Schedule. Create a schedule using Android Calendar, a Google Calendar or an XML schedule file. Update remotely using a cloud service
    • Control Playback using the Device Location or Motion Detection
  • Flexible Display features.
    • Customize the screen when using Digital Signage Widget Mode. Display multiple widgets and URLs in resizable widget areas.
    • Use Overlays to display graphic in front of the media
    • Use backgrounds to display background images behind the media or to play background audio
    • Customize timers to control display time and fade time between media
    • Customize the screen orientation – vertical or horizontal
    • Option to display clock when no content scheduled
  • Flexible Device Control features.
    • Control the TV with HDMI-CEC commands
    • Scroll to next media file using keyboard, remote control or swipe gestures


  • Secure. Video Kiosk has security options for controlling access to the Kiosk software and for controlling access to the device
    • Password protection
    • Restrict access to device controls, especially for interactive devices
    • Lock down Kiosk on rooted devices
  • Reliable.Video Kiosk has built-in logic to recover from common sources of playback interruption.
    • Starts playing content loop when device is restarted or awakened from sleep
    • Dims screen on battery-powered devices when battery power is low
    • Identifies unplayable media and skips it
    • Identifies errors are occurring and automatically restarts the kiosk
    • Interactive kiosk returns to content loop when tablet not in use
    • No down time required when updating. If the video loop changes because you have updated it, the new video loop will play the next time the content loop starts.

Remote Management and Update

  • Remote Update. Remote content loop update using a cloud service, allowing you remotely update many devices simultaneously.
  • Remote Management. Remote device status reporting


  • Free trial download Try all the features and then make an In-App purchase to activate the App on your device


Video Kiosk is a Free Trial download so you can try all the features before purchase. In the free trial version, the video display is overlaid with a watermark. When you purchase a license for your production device, the watermark is removed on that device.

Video Kiosk is licensed on a per device basis.  If you need to install the App on a large number of devices, please contact us for a volume purchase discount.


Technical Specifications

System Requirements: Android 4.x or later

Some advanced features, notably HDMI-CEC, require Android v5+ or Android v6+. Please refer to the HDMI-CEC section of the user’s manual for more information on the system requirements for those features.

Compatibility: Android phone, table, TV Sticks

Video Kiosk has been tested and deployed on the following devices:

  • TV Sticks (tested on CX-919, Fire TV, i68, MK808, MK809, MK812, MK903, i68, nVidia Shield TV, Pine A64, Razer Forge TV, and more)
  • Tablets (tested with Acer, rooted Kindle Fire, Acer, generic sub $100 tablet, and more)
  • Phones (tested with Android v5 and v6 phones)



Video Kiosk Android Screenshot
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Flexible Screen Displays – full screen for video loop player that you can use as a video player or for digital signage

  • Button bars disappear when playing
Video Kiosk Android Weather Widget Screenshot
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It also supports a four-panel screen for digital signage with widgets

  • Four panel display contains looping video in one, widgets in the other three


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