Nearby Photos

Here is the opt in URL for beta testers (you must go here before you can install the App):

Nearby Photos is a monthly $1 US subscription.

You need to be running it on at least two, nearby (within 100 meters) devices, and turn on Advertising and Discovery in the settings. You probably also want to turn on automatic connection requests but if not, you can manually request a connect to a nearby device by enabling by tapping on its row in the Connections list. You can also automatically or manually accept connection requests. Currently, images are automatically deleted after 30 days but you can save a copy somewhere else if you want to keep an image. The rest should be obvious but if its not, please send me feedback.

Nearby Photos is an App that uses the Google Nearby API to find local devices (that are within 100 meters of each other) and allow them to share photos. Some good examples of where you may choose to use Nearby Photos are:

  • An event like a wedding
  • A vacation where someone you meet is taking a picture of you using their device
  • An athletic event or competition with your team

Of course I’m sure there are a lot of other ways people can use Nearby Photos that I have yet to think of and as folks suggest more and better ways that the software can be used I’ll do what I can to implement any needed changes.

For now, give it a try, and think about how you’d like to use Nearby Photos and send me your requests for any ways the software would be more useful to you along with bug reports since this is a beta and not a final product there will be more than the typical number of bugs.