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  • What is the reason you bought the app | book | video?
    (A particular feature, have bought it before, it came recommended, the price.)
  • How good is it at doing what you wanted it to do?
    (I learned what I wanted, it did what I wanted, I read the instructions and got it working easily.)
  • How easy is it to use?
    (it runs effortlessly, it is well-written and easy to understand, it is easy to follow.)
  • What specific feature do you really like?
  • What is unique about this app | book | video that others do not have?
  • Are there any problems or missing features | content?
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I am (thrilled | pleased) with (Product name), the (app | book | video series) I bought from you.

I bought it because I wanted to (implement a digital signage menu in my Fish and Chip Shop | erase my phone data | learn more about Unity). I found it made this job easy because it (just worked | had easy to follow instructions)

What I really like about (Product Name) is _____ . Plus, the customer service was _____.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants _____.

Here’s an example

“I am pleased with Video Kiosk, the app I bought from you.

I bought it because I wanted to put up digital signage in my café. I found it made this job easy because it pretty much just worked right out of the box. And it had easy to follow instructions and sample files that got me started right away. Once I had it up and running, I added a couple of features I found in the tutorials – I added a sample background file and made an overlay to put my logo on the screen.

What I really like about Video Kiosk is that it’s reliable. It just keeps running no matter what happens. I’ve accidentally uploaded pdfs and it just skipped over them and kept running, which is what I was hoping it would do. I add more pictures over the cloud whenever I can and it just adds them in to the content loop and keeps playing.

I would recommend Video Kiosk to anyone who wants digital signage that just works.”

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