Video Kiosk Reviews and User comments

Video Kiosk Reviews

Here are some actual Video Kiosk reviews from customers who purchased and use Video Kiosk:

stars-5gold [Video Kiosk] Great! Easy to use, works fine. Support answers in short time ( also for answering questions)

9500 Langer

Great App and perfect support
Video Kiosk is a great app and works as advertised. Many thanks to the developer as this app is exactly what I needed. Support is extremely fast and responsive. The developer replies and supports even on weekends. This app is definitely worth the money. Thank you

El-Kalem Islamische Gemeinschaft

[Video Kiosk RSS Widget] I use this with the main video kiosk app from this company. Their main product is excellent and they identified that the correct size widgets weren’t available so they produced this. I use it on a number of screens in our school. It was easy to set up, support was quick and helpful in the issue I had. Errors in a news feed etc may cause it to complain but once set up, it works excellently and looks very professional on the screen. Well worth the small few dollars when it is on all day every day.

from Google Play

[Video Kiosk] Excellent application, we use it in number of devices. It is very stable. It has the best technical support I’ve seen in more than 35 years in the IT business.

Mauricio Lopez - Google Play Store

[Video Kiosk – Android] Great


[Video Kiosk] FINALLY. An app that actually works and does exactly what I wanted it to do. You simply drop a new video file into Dropbox with DropSync also installed and the media player adds the new file to the video playback AUTOMATICALLY and WITHOUT interruption! Bloody brilliant. – Abdi Omar

Abdi Omar (from Google Play)

[Video Kiosk] This is a great app that has simplified so many tasks for us. If you have digital signage and volunteers (or just want to create a super simple process for your staff), this is a great product to consider.

from the Play Store

[Video Kiosk] I had a great support for setting up the application, plus for license recovery. I recommend and offer 5 honest stars.

Vlad Lup - Google Play Store

[Video Kiosk] I have been using Video Kiosk for over three years now in a digital signage business. App is great and Robert is always making it better. I have over 70 licenses and I’m very, very pleased. – Support at Tech SCTV

from GooglePlay - Support at Tech SCTV

I use it to deploy menu for restaurants ..and etc

Oraine Ferguson (from Google Play)

[Video Kiosk] Great app great support. Exceed my expectation.

Anonymous (Mar 1, 2018) - Google Play Store

[Video Kiosk – Android] Simple and stable, yet powerful and useful app to pass audiovisual material. 100% recommendable.

Google Play

[Video Kiosk – Android]  This app is quite amazing. The support is also on point. For example, I live in Cape Town South Africa and I had great prompt response from support!

Cobus Du PreezSouth Africa

[Video Kiosk] A great app, put a video in a folder start your TV stick and the rest does the app. In my opinion 10 stars.

Wolf Kohl

This is only video looper that works well with very old versions of android…. Video Kiosk is clear winner. Great, helpful tech support! Will buy this app again for future projects. Thank you!

Google Playstore

[Video Kiosk] Great app! Does exactly what it says. A+

From the Playstore

I have about a dozen devices running this app [Video Kiosk] for the last 2+ years. We’ve had zero problems. Can’t recommend it enough.

Jesse Lofton

[Video Kiosk – Android] Fantastic software suited for my signage needs – easy to follow instructions – quick and helpful support!

Scott Media Web Services

[Video Kiosk – Android]  We use the app for our digital signage in our Fellowship Hall at church.  It works great and the customer support has been fabulous.  He helped us work out several issues on our end along the way in order to get it working properly.  No issues on the app side, just user error things on our side.  I highly recommend this app especially for the price.  It can’t be beat!  There are a ton of functions that we aren’t even using but it is nice to know there is room to grow.  😉  Great video tutorials too!

Google Playstore

[Video Kiosk – Android] Super happy that I found Video Kiosk! It met all the requirements I had decided on for playing a random slideshow of my large collection of stills and videos. Author was very responsive to an issue I had with the initial version I had downloaded and pushed out a fix. I don’t pay for apps frequently, but am very satisfied with this purchase.

Anonymous (Mar 2, 2018) - Google Play Store

Worth every penny. This app [Video Kiosk] does everything I need and more. With little knowledge, it’s possible to create an easily updateable media display. It’s not free but the support from the team more than makes up for this when you need some advice, not to mention, the app itself.

Mark Gray

[Video Kiosk – Android] It’s really a fantastic application. Everything works perfectly, then the technical assistance is excellent, always fast and available to support. Really recommended. – AnTo

from the PlayStore - Antonio Loffredo

Had an issue and Robert looked into and fixed it right away. Amazing customer support! Love this app [Video Kiosk] and will tell others. Thanks!

from Google Play Store

stars-5goldI have had Video Kiosk installed on my tablet now for around 6 months, primarily to provide cartoon entertainment for a 2 year old when we are out driving in the car!   I have it  configured to play random cartoons and to prevent young fingers from accidentally interrupting  them or changing the volume etc and it has functioned perfectly all the time .   If you require a really customizeable video player, you really must give this a try. You won’t be disappointed, especially with the excellent support service that Robert provides.

W. Halton

[Video Kiosk – Android] Elegant and speedy set up. Plenty of options if your needs are complex. First rate support service (even over the weekend), combined with reasonable price. What more do you need?

Google Play

[Video Kiosk] Reliable, flexible, low cost digital signage software for android! Love it!

Pontus Rondahl on Google Play

[Video Kiosk – Android] Great app – with AMAZING technical support! We have been searching for an inexpensive way to do digital signage in our lobbies – but most solutions are very expensive with ongoing monthly fees. Video Kiosk is a great inexpensive alternative that still includes many advanced features. And as many have mentioned already – the support is amazing with very quick response time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

S. Yoder

[Video Kiosk] Great Great application. Simple, starts in startup, stable and good support from the developer.

Jacob Barel

stars-5gold [Video Kiosk] Great App with all possible options to configure.

J. Holzschuster

[Video Kiosk] Excellent app. Full of useful features. The team offers a perfect support by email if you want. A complete and detailed user guide is available on the burningthumb website. Already bought 30 licenses and I’m planning to buy more.

José Fábio Haesbaert on Google Play

The app [Video Kiosk] is easy to install, set up and use and has some great features that allowed me to set up a device that works well for my users. The technical support was great and very helpful in getting me set up properly.

from Google Play Store

Google Play Store Review: The app [Video Kiosk] looks like it will do just what I need it to. Lots of well thought out settings and solid performance.Beyond that, when there was a feature that I asked the developer about, he stated that it would take a change in the program to make it work like that… before I even got back to him to ask if it was possible, or when it MIGHT happen he replied again to say he pushed an update to Google Play with the feature I was hoping for!

Ben Slocum

Nice App with Amazing Customer Support I needed an app that would seamlessly loop a video on an Android tablet, as well as hide the tablet’s icons, and Video Kiosk did the trick. Another amazing feature of this app is that it enables you to bypass the tablet’s menus on startup, and instantly start looping a video. Unfortunately for me, I needed to buy the cheapest tablet I could find, because I’m creating an art installation that will use many tablets, so I need to keep production costs down. Many of the cheapest tablets run older Android versions(pre 4.2), and I ran into some playback problems. This app’s creator spent two full days with me on email, one of those days being a weekend, to sort out my problem. Amazingly helpful!

Lee Chabowski

[Video Kiosk] Customer support was great. Helped answer questions before I even downloaded the free trial. Got the free version and it works perfectly for us. Very pleased with this.

from Google Play

[Video Kiosk] We are exceedingly satisfied with your professionalism and commitment to excellence support. kind regards,

Justin Levesque, Geri Photography

Justin Levesque (from Google Play)

I was looking for a quality Digital Signage program on a budget. Not only did Video Kiosk meet this need, the service I received was responsive and dealt with the question. I can’t recommend this company and program enough. It’s simple to use, looks awesome and best of all… affordable! Thanks! CJ

CJ - Google Play Store

[Video Kiosk] I have been using this app in my fish and chip shop for about 2 years. It has worked perfectly. Robust and reliable. I have just used the support service for help with an animated Gif file. The service was quick, polite and very helpful. My problem was solved. Fantastic work Robert!!

D Adams on Google Play Store

[Video Kiosk] Great app and support

Gerardo G (Feb 12, 2018) - Google Play Store

stars-5gold[Video Kiosk] Just what I needed! I love this app!!!

J. Gutierrez

There are so many digital signage apps on the play store; this [Video Kiosk] has been the only one that I’ve been able to confirm as a serious contender for commercial use.

Network Administrator

stars-5gold [Video Kiosk – Android] Very very good, great functionality.

Simon O'ConnorManaging DirectorLoopmediaNew Zealand

stars-5gold [Video Kiosk] Great app.

A. Bik-Elliott

[Video Kiosk – Android] Great and stable App, works perfect in Autostart Mode, no mentionable hangups or freezes in 3 months of continuous use ! THX ! – Komakid2k

from the Play Store - Komakid2k says

[Video Kiosk ] Excellent app. I installed on a number of android boxes to put a digital display around our school. It works from a dropbox (you need to install dropsync) which means it runs without any need to interact with the android box once setup. Support was excellent, always quick to come back. A few minor initial support queries were dealt with quickly. I use this app as a 4 way split on a screen. The main window displays videos (from powerpoint), pictures etc from a dropbox folder. The other 3 sections display widgets. It looks very professional and as good as solutions costing a lot lot more.

from Play Store

[Video Kiosk] It is a very good app! Great support!

Anonymous - Google Play Store

Great App Video Kiosk is an awesome application, does exactly what it says, no bug, no hassle, it just works. Take the device on and off, the app just start by itself and start playing. Great work.

Giovanni Frino

[Video Kiosk – Android] Great App… Great Support. Highly recommend Burningthumb Studios, customer support is awesome. Thanks for all you do!

Google Playstore

User Comments

[Video Kiosk – Android] I’m truly thankful for yourself & Burning Thumb support over the weekend. I made my Monday deadline today using your Video Kiosk product. Many thanks, look forward to using your software on my current and future ad players.

Simon O'ConnorManaging DirectorLoopmediaNew Zealand

Thank you again for your time. I feel privileged to have a direct access to the programmer for this software [Video Kiosk – Android]. Customer support is far beyond expectation. Wish you the best and a Merry Christmas!


[Video Kiosk – RSS Widget] Awesome Great widget

Giovanni Frino

[Video Kiosk] Thanks so much! As always, impressed with your diligence and support!

Greg O.

It works great at selecting random files to play for the menace in the rear seat (his son)! I must say this app really fills the criteria I was looking for, I tried lots before I came across Video kiosk and it really is the bees knees !! regards Wes

Wes (uses Video Kiosk to amuse his son while commuting)

[Video Kiosk] EXCELLENT Customer Service with lightning fast replies for help… I’m ready to take it to the next level!

Justin Baker

Wow! Fantastic. It works. This one is exactly what I wanted – in fact, I was about to start writing this sort of thing myself but you’ve just saved me the work. I’m so glad I ran across it. Thanks. (I’m a professional programmer and architect and your Video Kiosk stands out to me as a well thought-out and implemented work by someone quite talented.)

Mike R.

[Video Kiosk] Thanks. A very smooth and trouble-free process. I don’t have many associates with the need for your products but I shall whole-heartedly recommend you.

Mike B.

[Video Kiosk] Everything works A-OK! Thanks a million, Francois

A satisfied customer 🙂

Hello! I currently use the Video Kiosk software and it’s great- I have it deployed on a number of Tronsmart MK908 and MK 808II devices ….

D. Barry

Think that digital signage systems are only available to churches with large budgets? Think again. Digital signage systems used to be rare and expensive, there are now a plethora of options available …. Here are examples discussed on church technical forums as options some churches are using and pleased with … BurningThumb has an Android app [Video Kiosk] … that lets you create a basic digital signage packs … and manage their schedule through an Android calendar, google calendar or XML file. It can play videos, show pictures, display websites, either in full-screen mode or in a four-zone screen. It can also be used as an interactive kiosk.”

Article: “7 Affordable Digital Signage Systems for Church” from Worship Facilities Network (29 Jun 2017)
Jim Kumorek

Jim Kumorek: Worship Facilities Network

Thanks, great job
You are the best technical support I’ve ever seen!! That’s great, I have several licenses and gonna buy a lot more because we are offering service of digital signage with Video Kiosk.

M. Lopez

We tried your app “VideoKiosk” with a demo tablet and are very happy with it.

Ing. Thomas MalleTechnik GraposAustria


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