Video Kiosk Android FAQ

General Questions

What are the System Requirements for Video Kiosk?

System Requirements: Android 4.4 or later
Compatibility: Android phone, Android tablet, Android TV, Android TV Box
Some advanced features, such as HDMI-CEC, require Android v5+ or Android v6+. For further information, refer to the user’s manual.

How does the Google Play Store free trial work?

Video Kiosk comes with a Free Trial download so you can try all the features before purchase. In the free trial version, the video display is overlaid with a watermark. When you purchase a license for your production device, the watermark is removed on that device.

Video Kiosk Operation Questions

Where are the settings?

By default, the Button Bar is displayed for a few seconds when you launch Video Kiosk and then it automatically hides. To display it again, 
– Single-tap the screen, or
– Swipe down on the screen, or
– Swipe up on the screen, or
– Press the down arrow on a controller or remote control.
For more information about the Settings, go to the Video Kiosk Settings Tutorial

What is Video Kiosk’s Default Behavior? How does it behave right out of the box.

Video Kiosk is designed to be reliable, playing your media in a loop without any configuration. However, there are many additional features you can configure.
If you have not configured otherwise, Video Kiosk will do the following:

Default Screen Mode – Displays in Full Screen Mode.

Default Playback – When started, Video Kiosk will automatically start playing the content loop, in the default Playback Order. Video Kiosk will also automatically start playing the content loop upon waking from sleep.
Default Playback order – Plays the contents of the Media Folder in the order of either the first playlist it finds in the Media Folder or, if a playlist is not found, the media folder contents in alphabetical order by full path name.

Default Image display time – Display any images in the Media Folder for 30 seconds.
Default web page display time – Display web pages for 30 seconds.

When scheduling is used – If a schedule is being used, Video Kiosk will play the content loop only when scheduled. If there is no scheduled event, Video Kiosk will, by default, dim the screen.

Can I set Video Kiosk as the Home app?

The Home App is the app that an Android device will return to when the Home button is pressed and will launch when Android is restarted. In order to have Video Kiosk automatically restart when Android is restarted, set Video Kiosk as the Home App. For detailed instructions, see the Video Kiosk – Android Users Manual – Access Management section

Buying and Licensing Questions

How does the Licensing work?

Video Kiosk is licensed on a per device basis. If you need to install the App on a large number of devices, volume licensing is available.

Is Internet Access required for License Activation?

Yes. When you are activating or deactivating a license, Internet Access is required.
When you are running Video Kiosk, internet access is not required. (Exceptions: Some of the optional features – Cloud Updating, Scheduling with Google Calendar, Management System, do require Internet Access to work.)

For more on Buying and Licensing, check this FAQ

Other Questions

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