Tutorial: How to control playback order

You can control the playback order of the contents of the media folder (Content Loop) using one of three methods:

  • A playlist
  • The file and path order
  • A .pickone folder(s)

A playlist will take precedence over the other methods, so if you select a playlist, Video Kiosk will use the order contained in the .m3u8 playlist file.

Controlling the Content Loop playback order using a Playlist

Video Kiosk supports using playlists (m3u8 files) to control the playback order of the content loop.

How to use a Playlist

To use a Playlist to control the playback order, follow these steps:

  1. Using a Text Editor or other app, create a playlist file, with the extension “.m3u8”.
  1. Move the Playlist file onto the device or remotely update it using a cloud service.
  2. Configure Video Kiosk with the location of the Playlist. You can configure the location of the Playlist that you want using any of the following ways.

Use the Default Location

    • To use the default location, create a playlist file called ” playlist.m3u8″ and put the file in the same folder as your content files. If the sort order is set to Path or first playlist found and there is a single playlist or a playlist with the name “playlist.m3u8” in the media folder, it will be found automatically by Video Kiosk and you do not need to select a playlist in the settings.

Configure the Path in the App Settings

    • Create a playlist file, put it in a folder and configure video Kiosk with the location.
      Go to
      Video Kiosk Settings > File and Folder > Path to Playlist folder
      and set the path to the playlist folder. Video Kiosk will play the first playlist it finds in that folder.

Pick a Playlist in the App Settings

    • You can pick a playlist manually.
      Go to
      Video Kiosk Settings > File and Folder > Sort by 
and select the playlist to use from the list.

Video Kiosk Playlist Syntax Guide




Identifies the track (“#EXTINF:99,” required by the parser for each entry. Optionally use the rest of the line to identify the track

Specify the Filename (for more information on absolute or relative filenames, refer to the Wikipedia article.

Required for each track
#EXT-X-ENDLIST Indicates end of file Required

Example: Playlist File

Here is an example playlist.m3u8 file that plays 3 files, starting with “christmas-lunch-specials-2017.mpg” and ending with “snow.mp4”.

Video Kiosk Playlist File

Video Kiosk Playlist File


If you are not using an App to create your playlist, the easiest way to create one is to download the sample and replace the file names with your own file names.

Click here to download the Video Kiosk Playlist Sample Kit

Controlling the Content Loop playback order using the File and Folder Settings

You can control the playback order of the Content Loop using the Video Kiosk File and folder > Sort by settings. When Path sort order or File name excluding path sort is selected, Video Kiosk will play the media in alphabetic order (UTF8 order) by either full path or just the file name component of the path. For more information on UTF8, refer to UTF-8 – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title= UTF-8&oldid=683120706

To control the content loop playback order using the settings, follow these steps:

  1. Configure Video Kiosk with a sort order.
    Go to
 Video Kiosk Settings > File and Folder > Sort by
 and set the set order. The default is Path of first playlist found.
    Path or first playlist found – Sorts by path or by the first playlist found (if there is one)
    Path – Sorts by full path name
    File name excluding path – Sorts by file name, excluding path
    Random shuffle – Sorts in a random order

Controlling the Content Loop playback order with a Pick One folder

Video Kiosk recognizes the special folder extension, .pickone, and will select just one of the files in that (sub-)folder (in a round robin fashion) each time it plays the content loop.

To use a Pick One folder, follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder (or number of folders), using the extension, .pickone, and put the media you want to play in the folder(s).
  2. Put the folders in the media folder.

Video Kiosk will select one file to play from each .pickone folder each time it plays the Content Loop.

Sort Order Considerations

There are more options you can use when configuring a sort order. For more information, refer to the Video Kiosk User’s Manual.

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