Video Kiosk Android Purchasing and Licensing FAQ

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Free Trial Questions

What are the System Requirements for Video Kiosk?

System Requirements: Android 4.4 or later
Compatibility: Android phone, Android tablet, Android TV, Android TV Box
Some advanced features, such as HDMI-CEC, require Android v5+ or Android v6+. For further information, refer to the user’s manual.

How does the Google Play Store free trial work?

Video Kiosk comes with a Free Trial download so you can try all the features before purchase. In the free trial version, the video display is overlaid with a watermark. When you purchase a license for your production device, the watermark is removed on that device.

Purchasing Questions

What email address should I use when managing Video Kiosk?

If you’re using Video Kiosk for your business, for your service club or house of worship or in any other situation where someone else will have access to the Android devices running Video Kiosk, we recommend you use a business email account to purchase Video Kiosk.
If you use someone’s personal email to purchase the licenses and they leave your organization, the licenses go with their email account.

How many email addresses should I use?

If you’re installing multiple Android Devices, we recommend you use the same Android Account to purchase all the licenses because it’s easier for you to manage the licenses that way.

If you buy them from the Google Play Store and you use the same Android Account, you can update all the Android devices using the Cloud Update feature.

If you buy from our web store using an email address, you can easily add more licenses to the same licensing account through our website.
Note: You can use different accounts to purchase and to run Video Kiosk.
For example, A larger company might use two different accounts because one department – the IT department purchases the licenses and a second – the marketing department manages the devices and runs the digital signage.

What do I do if my devices don’t have the Google Play Store?

If your android devices don’t have the Google Play Store installed, you can sideload the app on to your devices from our website instead and buy from our website. And if your android devices won’t allow you to add accounts to the device, you can use the License File Licensing Option to purchase video kiosk licenses.
But before you do this, please consider what your time is worth.

Licensing Questions

How does the Licensing work?

Video Kiosk is licensed on a per device basis. If you need to install the App on a large number of devices, volume licensing is available.

Is Internet Access required for License Activation?

When you are activating or deactivating a license, Internet Access is required.
When you are running Video Kiosk, internet access is not required. (Exceptions: Some of the optional features – Cloud Updating, Scheduling with Google Calendar, Management System, do require Internet Access to work.)

What do I do if my Android devices won’t allow me to add an account?

If your android devices won’t allow you to add accounts to the device, you can use the License File Licensing Option to purchase video kiosk licenses.

I bought my licenses from your website. Can I move a license to another device?

Licenses purchased under the volume purchase plan are floating, allowing you to move them from device to device provided that you deactivate the license from the current device. When you deactivate a license, it returns the license to your pool of available licenses and you can use it on another device.

(Video Kiosk returns to Free Trial mode on the deactivated device.)

License Deactivation is done using the Video Kiosk Settings. To deactivate the license on a device, go to the Settings > License and Choose “Deactivate”.
Once the license is deactivated, you can use it on a different device.

Can I use uncertified devices?

In 2019, Google began blocking uncertified devices (like developer boards) from access play services unless the device Google Services Android ID (GSAID) is registered with Google.  To facilitate the registration of uncertified boards, Video Kiosk displays the GSAID on a button that will take you directly to the registration page.  For more information, refer to Appendix D – Registering uncertified devices of the Video Kiosk Android Users Manual.

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