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Drive Download makes it easy to remotely update the files on your Android TV, Android TV Box, Android tablet or Android phone. Update a Source Folder on your Cloud Drive with movies, music, audiobooks, epubs or any other type of file and Drive Download will automatically download them to your Target Android TV, TV Box, tablet or phone. It will even download files to a USB Stick or SD Card used with an Android TV.

Drive download is designed to run seamlessly on a scheduled, regular basis so that you can keep Target Devices in sync with the Source Device without any manual intervention. Just set an update schedule and Drive download will automatically update the Target folder on every target device as scheduled.

$1.99 US / device

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سلس الاستخدام

Drive Download
سلس الاستخدام (Works Seamlessly)

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Drive Download – Very good

Drive Download
Very good

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Drive Download is more than wonderful

Drive Download
Program more than wonderful.

Sudani Zoal
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  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • Updates Automatically. Automatically updates your target device content with the content folder on your Cloud Drive
  • Updates one or many Devices. Updates an unlimited number of devices
  • Update on schedule or Download Right Now options
  • User's Manual and online Tutorial provided.
  • Supports both USB Sticks and SD Cards when used with Android TV

Technical Specifications

System Requirements: Android 4.4 or later


  • Works on Android phone, Android tablet, Android TV, Android TV Box, Android TV Stick, USB Sticks, SD Cards (when used with Android TV)
  • Works with Google Drive, Nextcloud


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Drive Download Configuration Settings

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to update many devices from one remote Cloud Drive

Where to get additional Help

For help with Drive Download

More About File Synchronization

File synchronization (file syncing) in computing is the process of updating the data in one or more locations using certain rules –

  • two-way peer-to-peer file sync (sync),
  • one-way backup to the cloud (backup)
  • one-way download from the cloud (mirror).

Drive Download is a one-way file synchronization download from the cloud app where you control the data in a folder in the cloud and Drive Download automatically downloads it to one or many devices, checking regularly and updating any changed files.

This is a simple way to download new audiobooks to your phone, download movies to your Android TV or download instructional videos to your tablet without needing to plug the devices together or to do manual file transfers. And because you manage the files in the Cloud on your laptop or desktop, it’s easy to add or delete files. Just add or delete files in the source file on your laptop and the files will automatically be updated on your phone, Android TV or tablet.

Here’s an important note. Imagine you have a folder full of audiobooks in the cloud and on your phone. Remember there are 3 file sync methods.

  • Two-way peer-to-peer sync treats both as peers. If you make changes on either the cloud or the phone, it updates the other one with those changes. So if you delete an audiobook from one, it gets deleted from the other.
  • One-way backup to the cloud (backup) treats the phone as primary and the cloud as secondary. It only updates the cloud to be the same as the phone, thereby creating a backup. However, changes made on the backup in the cloud are not made to the phone. (For example, if your backup was wiped out on the cloud, it wouldn’t then update your phone by wiping it out too, which is what makes it a backup!)
  • One-way download from the cloud (mirror) considers the cloud to be primary and the phone to be secondary. It only updates the phone to be the same as the cloud, thereby creating a mirror image of what is in the cloud. However, changes made on the phone are not made to the cloud. (For example, if you accidentally deleted an audiobook you were listening to on your phone, it wouldn’t then update the cloud by deleting the copy in the cloud too. Instead, it would update your phone by putting the deleted audiobook back on your phone. When mirroring, change the contents in the cloud not on the device, because if you make the changes on the device, the next download will change it back to ensure that the device contents mirrors the cloud)

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