Fixing the UMA Human Female for animations in Unity 3D

Recently I’ve been looking at character creation options of Unity.

There is a package on the Unity Asset Store called Unity Multipurpose Avatar (UMA) that looks quite promising.

I started out by making some basic hair for a Human Female.

Then I made a Jumpsuit for a Human Female but I noticed, when testing the Jumpsuit, that during the idle animation the right hand of the character was intersecting with the right thigh.

It turns out the rigging on the Human Female race needs to be tweaked, its quite easy to do, once you know how:

  1. In the Project window navigate to:
    UMA > Content > Core > HumanFemale > DNA > HumanFemaleDNAConverterController
  2. Click the disclosure triangle in the Project pane to reveal
  3. Select SkeletonDNAConverters
  4. Click the disclosure triangle in the Inspector window
  5. Scroll down to locate LeftShoulder (Position) and RightShoulder (Position)
  6. Click the disclosure triangles to open them
  7. Click the ValuesY tab
  8. Click the disclosure triangle to display the range and values
    UMA Female DNA Original
  9. Increase the Y Value Min and Max range, I use Min: -0.05 and Max: 0.05 respectively
  10. Set the Initial Y Value Override for the left shoulder, I used -0.05
  11. Set the Initial Y Value Override for the right shoulder, I used 0.05

And that as they say, should be that, for the Human Female race, you have now created Human Females with wide shoulders such that they can use the Idle animation without having their right hand intersect with their thigh.

You may want to do something similar with the human male.

UMA Human Male Shoulders

I used the slightly larger values of -0.075 and +0.075 for my human male.

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