Audiobook Transformer - Audiobook to mp3, more | Mac

Audiobook Transformer – Mac

Audiobook Transformer takes the drudgery out of converting your iTunes Audiobooks to MP3 on Mac OS  so you can listen in the car, or on any device that doesn’t support the audiobook format. Use it to convert from iTunes Audiobook to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF or WAV – whichever format your device will play. Now you can listen to your Audiobooks while you drive!

Music Transformer - convert itunes m4p | Mac

Music Transformer – Mac

Music Transformer, formerly known as DRM Dumpster, is the easy way to convert iTunes M4P music tracks to MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless on Mac OS X using a CD-RW or virtual CD. Use it to convert from iTunes M4P to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF or WAV – whichever format your device will play.

ShredIt erase phone

ShredIt – iPhone | iPad | iOS and Android

ShredIt is the easy way to erase data on your iPhone | iPad | iPod | iOS device or Android phone | tablet | TV. ShredIt is the privacy software you need to erase your free space so that the data you have deleted can’t be recovered. Available on desktop computers since the 1990s, now ShredIt is available for your mobile devices. If you need to erase the freespace on your phone, ShredIt can get the job done.


Trash Compactor – Mac

When you want to take trash security to the next level, use Trash Compactor to compact and empty or secure empty trash on Mac OS X – automatically. Use your Trash normally and Trash Compactor will compact, empty or secure empty the compacted trash, on schedule.

VCD and MPEG Tools - Mac | Mpeg Toolbox

VCD and MPEG Tools – Mac

VCD and MPEG Tools is an easy to use, task oriented, video conversion and CD duplication tool for Mac OS X 10.3. or later. Because VCD and MPEG Tools converts movies to the Universal MPEG-1 video and uncompressed audio formats the converted movies can be played on Windows or Mac OS without the need to install any additional Quicktime components. It doesn’t get any easier.

Video Kiosk with Digital Signage | Android

Video Kiosk – Android

Turn your Android device into a reliable, robust, secure video kiosk showing video in a loop in minutes. Easy to use, have your Android TV | tablet | phone video kiosk running reliably and unattended with minimal set up. Advanced features: Restrict device usage and playback, Monitor, update, secure and control devices remotely, Flexible screen modes – full screen kiosk mode, interactive touchscreen, digital signage with widgets.

Video Kiosk Android - Digital Signage - Image Widget Icon

Video Kiosk Image Widget – Android

The Video Kiosk Image Widget automatically scales and display images to fit the widget areas B, C and D when Video Kiosk is using split screen mode. You can display an image or alternate between two images. Using multiple instances of the widget, you can alternate between an unlimited number of images.

Video Kiosk Android - Digital Signage - RSS Feed Widget

Video Kiosk RSS Widget – Android

The Video Kiosk RSS Widget allows you to display RSS Feeds in either a vertical digital signage sidebar or a horizontal vertical signage bottom bar. (Areas B and C of Video Kiosk’s Digital Signage Mode) You can specify a list of feed URLs, how often to load them, how often to display the next item in the feed, the maximum number of feed items to display, the font size to use, and a background color or image for the widget area.

Video Kiosk Weather Widget Android icon

Video Kiosk Weather Widget – Android

Digital signage often uses a split screen layout where three areas can host standard Android App Widgets. This widget displays the weather in a vertical list to fit the vertical digital signage sidebar.

Virtual CD Mac - Virtual CD Burner Tutorials

Virtual CD RW – Mac

Virtual CD RW Mac is an easy to use virtual CD drive for Mac OS X 10.6 or later (supports MacOS Sierra). It uses a disk image, but appears to Mac OS  as if you have inserted a CD, so you can burn to it even if you don’t have a CD drive. It is useful for applications such as music converter software, that demand you insert a physical CD.