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Recently I was adding a Coin Shop with In-App purchase to a couple of my Unity 3D games.  I had successfully forward ported these games from Unity 5 to Unity 2019 and I had successfully added my coin shop with In-App purchase and built for macOS and iOS. But when […]

Unity 3D In-App Purchase for tvOS

My App recently started crashing in Android 9.  A quick investigation revealed Google made a change to prevent multiple processes from sharing a WebView data directory with the default behavior being throwing an exception.  This effectively put my App into a launch / crash loop – thanks Google. To solve […]

Multi-Process WebView crash in Android 9 (Pie)

In macOS Mojave Apple introduced a new Security and Privacy feature that protects the System Preferences of Apple distributed Apps from being accessed by 3rd party Apps. This change has resulted in some pretty important Apps not being able to do their jobs.  For example I use NetShred X to […]

macOS Full Disk Access

Update: Apple replied to my bug report that this issue is fixed in the latest version of Safari though you may still want to use this workaround to be compatible with older version of Safari. Recently I was working on a web App that required some date comparisons in Javascript.  […]

Safari and Javascript Date format

I recently needed to extract a 30 second video clip, and remove the audio, from a 2 hour mkv video. If you are on macOS,  you need to get a copy of ffmpeg, the steps are: Download the statically linked pre-compiled binary as a dmg from this page: links […]

Extract video clip using ffmpeg