How do I install Video Kiosk – Android?

Frequently Asked Questions FAQCategory: Video Kiosk - AndroidHow do I install Video Kiosk – Android?
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Donna W. Staff answered 5 years ago

Video Kiosk is designed to be simple to install, and to reliably play media in a loop without any configuration. To use Video Kiosk, follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder in one of the following locations and put your media in the folder:
    • /sdcard/<android id>
    • /sdcard/Movies/<android id>
    • /sdcard/Video Kiosk
    • /sdcard/Movies/Video Kiosk
  2. Launch Video Kiosk.

Video Kiosk will now play the contents of the media folder, in a loop, unattended. You can play videos, images and URL bookmarks, or any combination of the three.