How to Install ShredIt for Android

When you install Shredit for Android, you now have a powerful privacy solution for your Android device. That’s because when you delete data from your phone, it’s still in your free space until it’s overwritten by something else. Since that you don’t know when that will happen, you can take care of the problem yourself by shredding it with Shredit for Android.

How to Install ShredIt for Android

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Instructions: How to Install ShredIt for Android

ShredIt will wipe the data on any Android device – phone, tablet or TV. To install it, follow these step:

  1. Install Shredit – Android from Google Play Store. (Click image to enlarge)

2. Subscribe. (Click image to enlarge)

3. From the Settings screen, pick your overwrite options. (Click image to enlarge)

  • Govt Standard Shredding – Click to comply with DoD 5022.22M Sanitize Standard or DoE Standard
  • Number of Overwrites – Choose the number of overwrites
  • Overwrite Pattern – Choose the Overwrite Pattern
  • Shred Location: – Choose the Storage Location Internal and | or External Storage (either or both)

Now that you’ve installed and configured ShredIt, you’re ready to wipe your Data. For further instructions, see the next Tutorials.

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