How to Move ShredIt for Android to a new phone or other device

When you install Shredit for Android, you now have a powerful privacy solution for your Android device. That’s because when you delete data from your phone, it’s still in your free space until it’s overwritten by something else. And since you don’t know when that will happen, you can feel confident that you’ve taken care of the problem before it becomes a problem by wiping it yourself with Shredit for Android.

When you get a new device, you can take ShredIt with you. It’s easy.

Instructions: How to move ShredIt for Android to a new Device

Time needed: 15 minutes

To move ShredIt to a new device, follow these step:

  1. Write down the Google account.

    Take note of the Google Account and Google Account Password you used when you bought Shredit for Android.

    Open a Google Play app.

    At the top right, tap your profile picture or initial.
    Your account will be displayed.
    If you don’t know your Password, go to Google and recover your password before continuing. You’ll need your password to set up your account on your new device.

  2. Uninstall ShredIt for Android from your old device.

    Open a Google Play app.

    At the top right, tap your profile picture or initial.
    Tap “Manage apps and device”
    From the top menu, tap “Manage”
    Find ShredIt in the list of apps and click “Uninstall”

  3. Add that same Google Account to your new Device

    For more information, go to Android Basics – How to add a Google account to your Android device

  4. Install ShredIt on your new Device, using the same account.

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