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jdotedot asked 6 years ago

I’ve got Video Kiosk set up with multiple folders.  I’m using Google Drive to set the contents of the folders remotely.  I’m using Google Calendar to remotely schedule the times that different folders are displayed.  Content is displayed only during scheduled times.  So in each scheduled time slot I use “videokiosk_path=FolderName”.

Everything works fine so far.

My question is: How can I do a simple test of new media on the Video Kiosk device?

Right now, the only way I can think of doing that involves two steps:

  1. Put the new media into a “Test” folder.
  2. Schedule a current event on Google Calendar which shows the “Test”

I’m hoping there is an easier way.

Would it be possible to define a “Test” folder, so that anything in this folder is immediately displayed?

Then I can easily test my media and empty the folder when I’m done, without having to also schedule an event.


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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

There is, currently, no concept of a test folder.  Its something I can look at implementing in a future update. 
Having said that, would it not be a better idea to test new media on a separate test device.  This would also mean you have a spare device in case the production one should fail?

jdotedot replied 6 years ago

Yes, the media will always be tested on a computer first. However there is no substitute for testing the media on the production device, since there may be differences in:
– Video encoders installed,
– Software versions,
– Colour balance, and
– Resolution (Our production device is a 4K Android box with a 4K TV).

So if you could introduce the concept of a “Test” folder in a future version, that would be great.

admin Staff replied 6 years ago

Yes I understand that testing on a computer is not the same as testing on the Android box.

But my suggestion is to have a second Android box. In other words a production Android box, and a test Android box. The same make and model of Android box.

Then do your testing on the second, test, Android box. This way if the production Android box fails you have a spare Android box you can swap in right away rather than having to purchase a replacement Android box when, and surely it will, the production box fails.