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juliegreenway asked 6 years ago

I have the Virtual CD-RW on my mac.  When I try to burn and click new media- no window pops up and the Disc burner option for the Virtual CD does not show up.

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Apple made a change to Kernel Extensions that resulted in a lot of people having problems due being confused and not granting the permissions required by the Kernel Extension (KExt) that implements the driver part of the function.  Please look at this article for help and perhaps contact Apple for support if you cant get the permissions granted:

therealwall replied 5 years ago

Hi, try as I may, I cannot make the New Media work. I am running 10.14.5 and there is no stagedextension folder. I suspect the process changed.

admin Staff replied 5 years ago

Please send an email to support at burningthumb dot com if you are not able to grant the Kext permission.  There is an Apple developer technical note here which may be helpful: