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clcc.church asked 4 years ago

We have slide coming up at different times of the week and they are scheduled with Google Calendar. They are working and coming up and down when scheduled. What isn\’t working is the Display isn\’t turning off. Video Kiosk is selecting one of the folders and displaying a slide when there isn\’t anything schedule. I have in schedule display state on for event, otherwise off and have it clicked to display clock if display is off. How do I have it not grabbing from a folder after the event? I would just like to have the clock when nothing is scheduled.

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

From what you describe, it sounds like Video Kiosk thinks there is always an event scheduled.  I would need to see your schedule to say more.  Can you open the calendar app on the device and send me a screen shot of the schedule so I can look at it?