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seanbutler2201 asked 4 years ago

Hi There,
I wanted to use your application so we can have a standard company video playing in our reception along with some information widgets and then when a button is pressed on a display it automatically plays a specific video full screen. Once the video is complete I want the standard company video to play again with the widgets. Is this doable on your application and if so can you point me in the right direct for configuring this?

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes this is a very common use and very easy to do.

On the device create these folders:









In Video Kiosk you:

  1. pick /media with the folder icon from the button bar
  2. pick /overlay as the path to Overlays
  3. pick overlay.png as the overlay
  4. in overlay.png.xml define the screen as the hotspot to open the url file:///sdcard/html/video.html
  5. in the video.html use HTML5 / CSS / Javascript to play video.mp4 and exit back to video kiosk when done

You can find detailed information in the Video Kiosk Users Manual:

If you need more of a how to guide, you can read my book found here:

You can set it all up and get it all working on the free demo and then just purchase a license to remove the watermark when you are happy.

Finally, if you need help with the setup I can do that as a small contract if you provide me with the media files.  I’ll use google drive to share the working setup back with you.  If you want to proceed with it as a contract contact me using email at burningthumb at gmail dot com