Building a signed .apk on macOS with Gradle plugin 3.6.1

I recently updated to Android Studio 3.6.1 and then upgraded all of my projects to use Android Gradle Plugin 3.6.1 and Gradle version 5.6.4, which has created a problem building signed .apk files.

The problem happens whenever I do this:

  1. Run > Run “MainActivity”
  2. Build > Generate Signed Bundle / APK …

The build fails with errors that look like this, although the specific entry name collision may vary.:

Entry name ‘res/interpolator/btn_checkbox_checked_mtrl_animation_interpolator_0.xml’ collided

I have raised a bug and it has been accepted and assigned but in the meantime whenever I want to build a signed .apk on macOS I need to do the following:

  1. File > Project Structure…
  2. Change Android Gradle Plugin Version to 3.6.0
  3. Click the OK button
  4. Wait for Android studio to recommend a plugin update
  5. Click the update link
  6. Click the Update button
  7. Build > Generate Signed Bundle / APK …

From that point everything works as expected.  So until the Android Studio folks fix this, it looks like this is the fastest way to build a signed .apk file.

As a side note, you can continue to build signed .apk files until you Run the MainActivity again (maybe for debugging) after which you will need to go through this procedure again.


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