Video Kiosk Payments asked 7 years ago

I purchased this App on May 9th and it never activated the license.  I just purchased the App again on May 10th and again the license did not activate.  Can you credit me back for the second purchase?  And also can you assist me in activating my license?  Below are the transaction details for both purchases.




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admin Staff answered 7 years ago

Typically In-App payments just work and the license is instantly activated on the device.  Sometime, usually if activation attempts are made on unlicensed devices prior to purchase but also sometimes if the Google Play store has an issue with the transaction, the In-App payments will be processed but license activation may fail.  If that happens please contact support at burningthumb dot com and include the google account and the devices android id in the email.  With that information I can manually activate the license.  Making multiple purchases rarely solves the problem and can make fixing it more time consuming so please do not make multiple purchases on a device if the license does not activate.