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cpcitdirector asked 7 years ago

How do I resize a Google Calendar widget in Area B. I have increased the font size on the android device to \”huge\” but is ther a better way?

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admin Staff answered 7 years ago

I use the google calendar widget using just the default settings and it fills area B with a list of upcoming events. I did not need to change any of the settings.
Having said that, each individual widget is going to scale itself to widget areas based on how the developer configured the layout and so some widgets will definitely look better than others. The best thing to do if you have an issue with a specific widget is to contact that widget developer.
Finally, if the developer is not able to solve the issue, you can contact me and we can talk about developing a custom widget for you that meets your specific needs. I have done this with Weather, RSS, and Date and Time widgets and if there are other specific widgets that the community needs they can be developed.