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aolish asked 2 months ago

Hello there, I’m hoping if someone could help me with reactivating our Video Kiosk. For some reason it is asking for a product activation and now Video Kiosk is showing a watermark over our screen. We have our order # to show proof that this was paid for (just ask us to email it to you). If a license key has to be inputted again then could you please email us the license key or does activation has to be done some other way. I think what might have happened is someone messed around with the settings that had caused it to ask for activation again. Please, any help is greatly appreciated.

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admin Staff answered 2 months ago

Provided the Android ID has not changed, you should just be able to re-activate the device. If the Android ID is different (for example, a factory reset) then a new license is needed. There is a subscription option ($12 / year / device) where devices contact a server every day to keep the license active, and if they do not contact the sever the license expires and can be re-used. If you are interested in an annual subscription rather than a license purchase contact support at burningthumb dot com for more information.