Video Kiosk app playing loop exits after several hours?

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jarisevon asked 1 year ago


I purchased Video Kiosk and it registered on my Nokia Streaming Box 8000 (Android TV).

My loop is running from USB Stick and is ordered by filenames.

Loop is started around 4pm everyday.  One loop is like 16 files and length is about 30 minutes.

Everything works fine, but after 6-8 hours loop app just exits and Google  TV desktop is shown.
Then we have to restart Video Kiosk app.

Where should I start looking solution for this?


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admin Staff answered 1 year ago

This issue is discussed in the Video Kiosk Users Manual on pages 70-73 and in Appendix B on pages 99-100.

The basic idea is to remove or hide any other launcher apps on the device. The best way to do it is to make Video Kiosk the device owner and then on Android 5.0 and later Video Kiosk will automatically hide the other launchers on the device.

If, for some reason, you prefer to not make Video Kiosk the device owner, you can manually hide the other packages using adb.

If using adb is something you are not familiar with a local Android consultant can do these tasks for you in around 1 hour.