Does your software work with the new Operating System

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flarra asked 7 years ago

I would like to know if a specific product works with the latest Operating System release.

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admin Staff answered 7 years ago

As a general rule I start looking at compatibility with the latest OS only after it has been released.  I wait because I have found the beta versions that are released to developers are often significantly different that the final release.  As a general rule you should not install the first release of a new OS by a computer vendor unless there is a compelling feature you must have above all else.  You are much better off to wait for the first dot release which typically fixes the major bugs in the OS and gives third party developers time to ensure their software works.  What this means is you should look at my software one or two months after the release of a major new OS for a version that is compatible with the latest OS release.

Nick Nichols replied 7 years ago

I tried the free trial of Virtual CD RW for Mac on a Mac Mini i7 quad core running OS 10.13.1 and on a MacBook Air i5 running OS 10.12.6 and could not get it to work on either. iTunes does not recognize the virtual drive and when I click on the Virtual CD RW icon in the Finder’s menubar, only “Quit” and “Buy Now” are active choices. Version 2.0.3 is also displayed but grayed out. Do I have buy the app and enter the registration code for it to work?