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fewster101 asked 6 years ago

I’m currently scheduling using Google Calendars to switch between whats displayed on the kiosk.  But I\’d like to be able to change the background and or overlay at a specific time, to go inline on what is being displayed on the kiosk.  Similar to the videokiosk_path=Is this something that can be done? or something that could be added to future updates?

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

There is no command to change the overlay or the background.

You can rotate through all the backgrounds in a folder as described in the users manual (

To cycle through a number of backgrounds, follow these steps:

    1. Create the background files in png or jpg format. We recommend you make it the same size as your screen (e.g. 1280×720 in size).
    2. Configure Video Kiosk with the location of the background files. Go to Video Kiosk Settings > Background > Path to Background folder and set the path to the background folder.
    3. Go to Video Kiosk Settings > Background > Next Background Time and set the number of seconds between backgrounds.

Example: Sample Configuration

  • Put 3 background files (background-a.png, background-b.png and background-c.png) in the background folder
  • Set the Next Background Time to 20 seconds

Video Kiosk will cycle through each of the three background images, displaying each for 20 seconds.

For the overlay you can upload a new image using your cloud service.