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aolish asked 12 months ago

We are about to purchase the Video Kiosk app, however for some reason the purchase button is not working. When I click it, nothing really happens. Any suggestions? If at all possible I’d like avoiding reinstalling the app as that will erase all the configuring that we did. If it is necessary than that’s okay to if there is no other options left. thanks!

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 12 months ago

It sounds like a problem with google play.  Please try this:

  1. Uninstall Video Kiosk
  2. Re-install Video Kiosk from the play store (this tests all the networking)
  3. Open Video Kiosk
  4. Tap Purchase

If that still does now work you could contact google, but better yet you can purchase directly using paypal.com. Please read option 2 of this tutorial:

Tutorial: How to purchase and activate Video Kiosk Licenses