Mp4 video glitches on transition

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dscadmin asked 5 years ago

We are using the following Mp4 video to play a slide show:

On transition the video glitches.

Here’s a video of what it does:

Please advise on how to fix this.

We bought 15 licenses back in January.

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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

I’ve never seen that before – it looks like a problem with the firmware on the device.  You could, perhaps work around the firmware issue, by turning on textured video views (Video Kiosk > Settings > View options > Use textured video views) and perhaps also enabling Pause playback (Video Kiosk > Settings > View options > Pause playback).  The Pause playback can make it better of worse depending on the device firmware so maybe you need to turn it on but also maybe you need to leave it off.

If neither of those work please send me an email at support at burningthumb dot com since I’ll need you to provide me the full loop folder to download and try on a device here to see if I can re-create it.