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peter100@anderssons.it asked 6 years ago

I have unexpected troubles with Video Kiosk v 6.5.2 on my Android computer Renkforce Quad Core TV Box (S812). I just wish one task: to show a small mp4-film over and over again, non-stop. It works fine and starts automatically the only file existing in the chosen folder (on micro SD-card) when booting, but every night it stops and I have to reboot every morning. I cannot use the Vide Kiosk which I have paid for 🙁

I do not think timer settings has to do with the interruption and the following are the Launching setting:

Launch on setup – box not checked
Restart daily – Do not restart
Restart times – no hour is checked
Launch another app – no app is marked

Interactive Playback mode – play again

The computer is not supposed to sleep

When trying on a Lenovo Tab 4+ (Android 7.1.1) the loop never stops. Can you give a tip what to do so that the file will be played for several days without interruption?
Peter A

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

My guess would be that the power is being turned off at the mains causing the device to shut down and you did not set Video Kiosk as the Home App so when it restarts the other launcher is displayed.  But its only a guess.  Please send me an email at burningthumb at gmail dot com if it is not a power at the mains / setting Video Kiosk as the home App issue.