Interactive buttons?

fisherpost asked 6 years ago

New user…can this app allow me to have a on screen button that when pressed on a Android Insignia (cheap) tablet it will launch a web page? And I the screen saver wallpaper to be playing a video loop until someone touches the screen…

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 6 years ago

To add interactions with the screen, add an overlay.png and an overlay.png.xml file that defines hot spots that can be touched.  Refer to the Users Manual in the section titled Overlays and Interactive Hotspots.

You can’t use an Android System Screen Saver. In fact you need to turn that off in the system settings.  Instead you create a folder with the video, images, etc. that you want to play and choose that as your loop folder from the button bar.

Since your device will be in the hands of people, you also want to lock it down.  The ideal way is to make Video Kiosk the device owner, disable access to the System UI, add a password, and finally add a button bar touch pattern.  Again refer to the Users Manual for complete details and contact me via email at burningthumb at gmail dot com if you are having issues.