How do I use Autosync Dropbox (Dropsync)

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christian asked 6 years ago

I want to sync my files from dropbox using Autosync Dropbox (Dropsync). How do I do that ?

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

I am not the developer of Autosync Dropbox (Dropsync) so I cannot provide support if you are having a problem please contact the developer.  Having said that I can provide some tips:

  1. Set the sync interval to several hours.
    If you set it too low (like a few minutes) the loop may never finish playing since the sync can cause the loop to start playing again from the start.
  2. Use the sync method of mirror (download only).
    There is no need to upload from your Android device to the cloud.

There is a tutorial on how to use it for other things (like connecting the remote and local folders) here.

You can contact the developer using the email address at the bottom of the Google Play Store listing here.

There are also other cloud services (like Google Drive) and other syncing Apps the you may want to consider.  I use Autosync Dropbox and Autosync Google Drive but have also tested other sync Apps and found others that also work very nicely.

As for Video Kiosk, whatever local folder you sync to, just select that using the folder icon in the Video Kiosk button bar.