How to reactivate an auto expired license

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Jonathan Andreas asked 2 years ago

I have a Video Kiosk app running on my mom’s TV at a nursing home as a giant photo display for her and a couple at work.

The last time I installed one last year, I set up the license to deactivate after about 365 days because the previous android TV computer I bought only lasted a year and then I lost the license when the box died because I couldn’t deactivate it and transfer it to a new android box, so I figured that it would be better to just set them up to deactivate automatically and then I’d be able to recover licenses when they automatically deactivate.

This has now come to pass, but how do we reactivate a deactivated license?  Nothing seems to work and I don’t see anything in the instructions about reactivation.


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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Jonathan,
When a license expires you will see the watermark. If you tap the screen or swipe down to reveal the button bar you will see a button with the $ symbol. Tap the $ and the License Activity will be displayed so that you can reactivate the license.