Odroid N2

If you need more help deploying your digital signage solution on the Odroid N2 please Contact Us and we can provide additional support on a contract basis.

Odroid N2

The Odroid N2 is a premium developer board that has all the features you need for digital signage including:

  • battery backup RTC
  • portrait and landscape mode
  • HDMI 2.0 4K display
  • 4GB RAM
  • High performance CPU and GPU

You can get an Android 9 system image that includes Video Kiosk as the only launcher on the device by clicking here.

The easiest way to install the system image is to write it to an SD card using software like Etcher which you can get by clicking here.

Because it is a developer board, the Odroid N2 is not Google Certified.  This means that if you need Google Play Services you need to manually install the Open GApps and manually register the device Google Play Services Framework ID.

The primary service that you may need is Google Drive but as an alternative, this build of Android 9 includes Nextcloud which you can use instead of Google Drive.

You can read more about how to install Open GApps on the Odroid N2 here.