BurningThumb updates Video Kiosk – Android: version 7.2.7 released

Richmond, Canada — BurningThumb Studios has released a new version of Video Kiosk, its Android looping video app. Version 7.2.7 of Video Kiosk is built using latest Android Studio. It adds a feature to support arranging split screen displays in columns as well as arranging them in rows, the default.

Video Kiosk is an easy to use, full-featured video app for that can play video and images in a robust, reliable loop on any Android TV, Android Tablet or Android phone. Video Kiosk was designed specifically to be both full featured and easy to use, so that users can enjoy a full range of video display features or just show a video in a loop.

Developed to show a folder of videos at a Dojo, Video Kiosk has evolved in to a full-featured looping video player that not only supports Kiosk Mode, its original purpose, but also Interactive Kiosk Mode, Digital Signage Mode and Web Kiosk Mode.

Video Kiosk offers robust playback that skips bad video files instead of pausing and will automatically re-boot rooted devices so that content will automatically start playing again after reboot, so human intervention is not required. Video Kiosk is flexible so when the media files in the folder are changed, the new selection of media will play the next time the loop starts. Content as well as configuration files can be remotely managed using a cloud service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This combination of features delivers a robust, flexible Video Kiosk can be remotely managed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Pricing and Availability

Video Kiosk is available for immediate download for $15.99 per device from our site or from the Google Play store. Registered users of Video Kiosk can take advantage of this free update. Volume discounts are available. Video Kiosk runs on Android. For more information, visit https://www.burningthumb.com/apps/video-kiosk/

About BurningThumb Studios

BurningThumb Studios produces utility Apps that are easy to use as well as fun games for both Desktop and Mobile platforms, primarily Mac, iOS and Android. Our extensive industry experience allows us to produce robust, feature-rich apps that deliver the solutions our customers want while maintaining the level of quality we demand of everything we produce. Located near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and founded in 2007, our mission is to create and publish reliable and fun software, interesting books, and educational video series, while exploring new opportunities in bleeding-edge technology.

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