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Dellji asked 3 weeks ago

I am testing Video Kiosk with a A95X Android TV box with Android 7.1  and no matter why setting I use  the display doesn’t change.
I have try my PC monitor and a Viso TV.

Is there some trick to getting Portrait mode to work

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admin Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Standard TVs vent heat from the bottom of the display to the top of the display in landscape orientation so many TV boxes have firmware that is patched to disable portrait mode.  The idea is that the TVs are not to be rotated physically because they may end up over heating.

There are commercially available displays that do work fine in portrait mode but they are quite expensive.

Having said all that, if you are not concerned about the TV overheating, there are some TV boxes, like the V88 which I have tested, that do allow portrait orientation.  A more extensive list can be found in the comments of this blog post:

How to Set an Android TV Box Video Output to Portrait Mode

replied 3 weeks ago

I must be missing something because I downloaded “set Orientation” and but I don’t see the “Disabled” or the arrow you are talking about. It’s in the notification bar.

Staff replied 3 weeks ago

You don’t need that App. I did not mean for you to download that App. I want you to read the comments because in the comments folks mention some boxes, in addition to the V88, that support portrait mode. To repeat you don’t need that App you need a box that supports portrait mode – read the comments – uninstall the App – get a different box with the correct firmware.

replied 6 days ago

I purchased a Scishion V88 Mars and the option to set box to Portrait mode doesn’t exist.
I saw a recommended one from Amazon Canada in different question on this forum but they don’t ship to US
I am trying to use your software in a digital signage at our club.
Does anybody have a verified box that is running in Portrait mode that they ordered recently?

admin Staff answered 6 days ago

On my V88 there is a System Settings > Display > Rotate the contents of the screen that gives the options of 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.  This, for me, works fine.  If your V88 does not have that you could try Ugoos UT3 which I have read works but have not tried.  Typically though, for portrait mode to work you need to purchase a commercial display and these are quite expensive.  Fewer and fewer Android TV boxes provide support for portrait mode in the firmware and you need to check with the vendor prior to purchasing the device since this is controlled by the Android Firmware and not by Applications.