How do I wipe an Android phone?

Questions ForumCategory: ShredIt - AndroidHow do I wipe an Android phone?
Donna W. Staff asked 8 years ago
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Donna W. Staff answered 8 years ago

It’s easy to wipe an Android phone, tablet or TV with ShredIt-Android. Here’s what you do:

  1. Delete the private data and private apps from your Android device.
  2. If an app cannot be deleted, clear its data and its cache
  3. Run Shredit – Android
  4. From the Settings screen, pick your overwrite options and run ShredIt – Android. Your overwrite options determine how long it takes the job to complete. If you choose more overwrites, the task will take longer. You can watch the progress on the Shred screen.
  5. ShredIt – Android does the rest for you. When the operation is complete, the private data on your Android device will be wiped so it can’t be recovered.