RTMP *OUTPUT* from Video Kiosk?

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tedbragg asked 3 years ago

Hi there,

I know Video Kiosk can make use of streaming video as input (YouTube videos, etc) but is there a way to output Video Kiosk’s screen and sound to a live stream? As I understand it, I’d need to get an HDMI capture device to use Video Kiosk’s output like this. Omlet allows gamers to stream Android games, but isn’t suited for 10+ hour runs like what I’ll be needing.
Here’s my present set up plan:

  1. Use Video Kiosk as scheduler/play out for videos, images, weather and news tickers
  2. Output from Android tablet to be fed into Windows PC running OBS (via HDMI capture device), that streams out to a server for our Roku and FireTV receiver apps
  3. Viewers in our town use apps on their Roku and FireTV to watch our linear live stream.

Why I’m using Video Kiosk: Video play out scheduling software is crazy expensive, and your app is the most straightforward option I’ve found. The only other thing we could afford is CasparCG, but that requires a full-on staff of Linux geeks. The Google Calendar integration is what sold me.
We have both Windows PCs and Macs. Do you have video play out scheduling software for those platforms, as well?

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Video Kiosk does not support RTMP output.  You can, as you correctly noted, use an HDMI-RTMP (of which there are many) solution to achieve this.  There are no plans to add RTMP output to Video Kiosk.
There is no implementation of Video Kiosk currently or planned for other platforms.