How long does it take for a license to activate

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avoesda asked 4 years ago


I bought a license for Video Kiosk on my android box with google on Feb 28th 2020.

How long will it take for me to get the activation code.



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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

License activation via the Google Play Store is instant.

License information emails using the volume license form are instant.

But no automated system is perfect and sometimes network issues that prevent licenses from being activated or emails from being sent.

If you purchase a license and don’t instantly get the activation or an email please contact, via email, support at burningthumb dot com so that the purchase can be manually added.

Include the following information to expedite the process:

  1. your transaction receipt or id (either from google or
  2. your account
  3. your devices android id

Note please don’t post this information here as these forums are public.