Does Video Kiosk support the CSS Sticky tag

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I can’t get the CSS Position:Sticky tag to work and so I can’t show my rooms bookings on my venue.

I love the Video  Kiosk App, and I use it in my venue as a digital signage program but when It changes to the website with my current bookings table, my most important feature –  It doesn’t show right  the rooms list and that is a real problem.

What can I do?

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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

The WebView used by Video Kiosk is provided by the Android OS – Video Kiosk does not implement its own WebView.

To use the CSS Sticky tag you must have Android v5 or later and the latest WebView which you can get from the Google Play Store ( if it has not provided by your device manufacturer in the firmware.

Provided your device meets the minimum system requirements outlined above, and are using an overlay with hotspot OR a .url file the CSS Sticky tag is fully supported.