Can I buy license keys outside of Google Play?

Questions ForumCategory: Video Kiosk - AndroidCan I buy license keys outside of Google Play?
andrewpearce asked 7 years ago

Can I buy license keys outside of google play?
I’m currently testing the software on a unbranded Android signage player bought on Ali Baba (We got 100) and we struggled to get google play working so just installed the APK. Hence wanting to just buy a license key to test it.

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admin Staff answered 7 years ago

Yes you can purchase licenses directly. It works like this.

  1. You tell me how many license
  2. You tell me to whom I should email the invoice
  3. You tell me the Account (Google, Facebook, Email, etc.) that will be used to activate the licenses on the devices
  4. I send the invoice using
  5. You pay the invoice
  6. I setup the Registration server and you are good to go

To activate licenses you do the following:

  1. Add the Account to the device
  2. Download  Video Kiosk from the Play Store
 OR side load the .apk if you don’t have the Play Store
  3. Open Video Kiosk
  4. Touch/Click the button titled Activate

After that the Account is no longer needed, you can remove it from the device, leave it on the device, put a different id on the device, even completely remove the device from the Internet.