Mars 2055



Loneliness is the only feeling you may ever know?

You wake up, alone, on a planet that appears to be Mars.

There is not much else I can tell you. The rest is up to you.

In this first person solo game there are clues all around you but the only thing I can tell you is its time to start moving.

While you still can.

Finding your way home seems like the best option.

What? You need something more than that?

Mars 2055 is a first person solo adventure where you, as the player, find yourself in an unknown location, for unknown reasons, alone.

In this sandbox you need to:

  • first and foremost: survive
  • search for clues left behind by other intelligence: human or artificial
  • use those clues to make good choices
  • use those clues to repair broken items
  • use those clues to restore damaged systems
  • use those clues to access secure areas
  • use those clues to MacGyver seemingly unrelated items into usable modules
  • be careful to not destroy the entire base with a single miscalculation

When you have, and only when you have finally pieced together the entire puzzle, there will be an opportunity for you to escape, with nothing more than the suit on your back. Where does the adventure come from? Why it comes from the stories you tell yourself, alone, inside your head.



Mars 2055 Screenshotclick to enlarge image
Mars 2055 Screenshotclick to enlarge image
Mars 2055 Screenshotclick to enlarge image



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Mars 2055 runs on the following platforms:

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