BurningThumb Studios updates Mars 2055 – Version 2.8 released

Richmond, Canada — BurningThumb Studios has released a new version of Mars 2055, a fun, first-person solo adventure game built for every platform. Version 2.8 make a number of improvements to game play:

  • Fixes a problem that made it difficult to pick up the energy cell.
  • Adds a hint that the fence first is the wrong direction.
  • Fixes the Alien ship floor.
  • Moves the dish control to the top of the ridge and fence the area.
  • Adds more clues to the location of reactor maintenance.
  • Fixes NonStop Q branding.
  • Adds no signal hint in Comms.
  • Adds in-game settings for volume and for quit.
  • Widens ladders to make them easier to climb.

Mars 2055 is a first-person solo adventure game where the player finds himself in an unknown location, for unknown reasons, alone. Surrounded by devastation, he needs to search for clues left behind so that he can survive, repair the damaged systems and escape.  

Pricing and Availability

Mars 2055 is available on multiple platforms: Android, macOS, iOS – iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Fire OS, Steam – Mac and Windows. For more information, visit https://burningthumb.com/games/mars-2055/

About BurningThumb Studios

BurningThumb Studios produces utility Apps that are easy to use as well as fun games for both Desktop and Mobile platforms, primarily Mac, iOS and Android. Our extensive industry experience allows us to produce robust, feature-rich apps that deliver the solutions our customers want while maintaining the level of quality we demand of everything we produce. We are located near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 2007, our mission is to create and publish reliable apps, fun games, interesting books, and useful educational video series. We also enjoy exploring new opportunities in bleeding-edge technology.

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