BurningThumb Studios updates iDrone: version 5.0.1 released

Richmond, Canada — BurningThumb Studios has released a new version of iDrone, a classic drone simulator game. Version 5.0.1 adds some graphic enhancements – add water with waves and reflections, texturing the waterfall cliff to match the mountains, changing the Satellite camera from Orthographic to Perspective and re-doing the explosions. It also updates to Unity 2021.1.21 for all the latest Unity goodness and makes a minor bug fix.

iDrone is a classic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle simulator game that allows you to control an UAV, flying over a 3D city scape or a mountain terrain. Fly the drone. Do some target practice. Shoot. Take out the target. Blow stuff up.

Pricing and Availability

iDrone is available as a free download with in-app purchase available for more fun and on multiple platforms: Android, macOS, iOS – iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Fire OS. For more information, visit https://burningthumb.com/games/idrone/

About BurningThumb Studios

BurningThumb Studios produces utility Apps that are easy to use as well as fun games for both Desktop and Mobile platforms, primarily Mac, iOS and Android. Our extensive industry experience allows us to produce robust, feature-rich apps that deliver the solutions our customers want while maintaining the level of quality we demand of everything we produce. Located near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and founded in 2007, our mission is to create and publish reliable and fun software, interesting books, and educational video series, while exploring new opportunities in bleeding-edge technology.

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