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General Questions

What are the System Requirements for ShredIt for iPhone iOS?

ShredIt for iPhone iOS works iOS 6.0 or later. It works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

ShredIt for iPhone (iOS) Operation Questions

Can I use ShredIt to wipe my Free Space?

1. Open ShredIt and Click “Start”.

Other Questions

Is there a ShredIt for my other devices?

Because Shredit has been shredding data since the 1990s, it’s available on most platforms.
So, it’s also available for Android.
In addition, it’s available on most Mac Computers and Windows Computers from Mireth Technology Corp.

Do I need to wipe my phone before selling or recycling it?

That depends on what’s on your phone. But, consider this. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that you’ve got some data on your phone that could be useful to a hacker. It might take some time for the hacker to get in to a discarded phone, but since many phones that are to be recycled end up being recycled overseas where cheap labour is more plentiful, doesn’t this seem like a risk not worth taking? A logical way to ensure that there isn’t useful data on your phone just in case it does end up in the hands of a hacker is to wipe it before you discard it. Because you can’t recover what’s no longer there. Think of it as insurance.

Should I wipe free space if I use encryption?

Although using encryption enhances security, it may not be “good enough” as the BBC reports in this article about data retrieval, British spies ‘moved after Snowden files read’

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