White Label

As a software development company, we often receive unsolicited emails from individuals or companies that believe they can help us to succeed. While we appreciate these offers of support, they are often accompanied by fees and risk which these individuals and companies suggest we should bear. They often promise great success but offer no surety other than, of course, their word and track record.

A better way through white label partnership

We think we have a better way. We offer a white label service where, for a small fee ranging from $500-$100,000, we will create a version of our software with your branding. As a marketing company, you will be completely free to market your branded version of our product with absolutely no restrictions.

White Label

Depending on the numbers of licenses you purchase, we offer generous volume discounts.

If this sounds like you – if you think you can drive our software to the next level, then why not take it to the next next level and own a white label copy of the software? You get the profits while we receive a license fee.

We like to call this a win-win opportunity.

Contact marketing for more information on white label partnership

Still reading? Great, then you are ready for the next step. Please use the Contact Form, attention Marketing and Administration so that we can get started driving sales and taking our software, and your brand, to the next level.