BTS Net Pong

Brush your mullet!

It’s a blast from the past when you play this two player local network version of the Classic Pong or the re-imagined Breakout Pong. Re-live what you remember of the 70s and watch an ad to play until your thumbs fall off.

What? You need something more than that?

Net Pong is the kind of game that only someone who knows what a Pong console was could enjoy.

In this re-imagined you need:

  • two players
  • two devices
  • a WiFi network

It’s simple

  1. Player 1 Hosts the Game
  2. Player 2 Finds and joins the game on the network
  3. Player 1 starts the game
  4. Both players play until their thumbs fall off

Just watch an ad on your mobile device and play the game as much as you want, until next time when you do it all over again. Maybe with Breakout Pong this time…


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Net Pong

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Breakout Pong


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BTS Net Pong is available on:

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