Coconut Hut

You find yourself and your good friend Ami on a desert island with nothing but the shirt on your back and a deserted hut. The coconuts are ripe and are falling from the trees. Some coconuts are dry and easy to carry, some coconuts are under the rain cloud and are wet and more difficult to carry. Its a race between you and Ami to see who can collect the most coconuts. You’ll need speed and strategy if you want to collect more coconuts than Ami.

Coconut Hut is a game that we created as companion to a Unity 3D Game development course.  If you are interested in the complete source project please Contact Us.

Coconut Hut runs on the following platforms (we will add links as the App passes the review process):

If you are interested in having a portable game developed, why not Contact Us to see if we can help you realize your cross platform game idea.

You can watch the trailer for Coconut Hut here.