Loop video from USB drive on Android TV

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phersh asked 1 month ago

I recently purchased a  Sony XBR55X930D 55-Inch Smart TV (2016 Model).
I installed Video Kiosk trial. I want to loop videos off a USB drive plugged in to the TV. It looks like Video Kiosk only sees files under /storage/emulated.
Is there a way for Video Kiosk to see the video files on my USB drive? Or is there a way to copy video files from the USB drive to /storage/emulated?

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admin Staff answered 2 months ago

If you navigate up, click the up arrow a couple of times on the folder selection activity then you should see the / directory and in it you should see the mnt directory.  In there you should find the mounted USB drive.  On some version of Android, depending on the vendor and device, mounted drives may not show up in the mnt directory but if you look starting at / in the directories below it you should find the external drives.